New registrars DATAKAM 6 SPIDKAM with radar detector:


Economical 6 ECO


Advanced 6 PRO


Maximum 6 MAX

Doubted the choice? Take Test-drive for 30 days! See for yourself the benefits of our registrar. We will respond for the quality. We will return the money within 30 days if you do not like it. Returns and warranty Want cheaper? Use Trade-In! Hand over the old recorder and get a discount up to 3000 rubles for a new one. Details of the action

No China. Developed and produced in KB "Datakam"

Yes, we are developing video recorders, cameras and radios.
Yes, we do produce them in Russia , right in Moscow.

Moscow car showroom
DATAKAM G5 - "HI-TECH" choise on the channel VESTI "Russia-24"
"Datacom against the wind" - real
import substitution in electronics.
See first story on RBK.
From words to action - now Premium
registrators G5 assemble just in Moscow.

Premium Quality. Designed in Russia. Assembled in Russia.

Design Bureau "Datakam Moscow" is a team principal and and motivated engineers and managers.
The goal of our work - not only money, but a sincere desire to give our people really useful products,
reliable and very comfortable , our own, and not the Chinese development and quality , and a real , affordable price.

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